How to consign

*Use the link at the top of this webpage to register as a consignor. You will pay a non-refundable Consignor fee of $8.50 at the time of registration.

*Click on this link to access the Consignor Instruction Sheet. This will answer many of your questions about tagging your merchandise.

*Use the link at the top of the webpage to access your Consignor Homepage. This is where you will schedule a drop off appointment, check on your earnings during the sale, and update any personal information.

*Drop off is by appointment ONLY. When you drop off, your items will be checked for stains, holes, etc. We will also be checking to make sure items are hung correctly. If hung incorrectly, you will have to correct them before putting them out.

What to expect at Drop off:

*At your appointment time, make sure you check in and select your shopping time. You will receive your shopping pass to use on Consignor Shopping Day. This is very important. You will not be allowed to shop on Consignor Day without your pass. We recommend taking a quick picture of your pass in case it gets lost. You can just show your pass at the door.

*One of our workers will check your items.

*After your items have been checked, you will hang them in their appropriate place. Make sure you hang them in the correct size section. If they are in the wrong place, they won't sell. There will be baskets for smaller items (bottles, onesies, bibs, etc.) Shoes are on tables and shelves along the walls.